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How To Know When You Need Acoustic Panels in Your Room


Although acoustics aren't at the top of the list of most design project plans or decor considerations, we all immediately - and unhappily - know when we're in a room that's too noisy.  It could be an office where unwanted sound is literally undermining concentration and memory, and distracting from the work to be done. Or a restaurant that's just too loud for conversation -  too many otherwise-great spots serve too much din with the dinner!  Could be a home theatre where the expensive AV equipment  isn't giving the promised quality of sound. In any of these situations and many more, acoustic panels may provide results -- and relief! 

So, how do you know if a room will benefit from acoustic panels (or other acoustic treatment)?  Easy - just run through this list of considerations! 

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Posted by janine gliener on Nov 3, 2015 3:08:44 PM

Sound Thinking in Interior Design: 4 Considerations for Good Acoustics

When planning  a room - or even a whole new building - most people focus on what it will look like when completed. What is often forgotten is what it's going to SOUND like!  

But when the project is complete and the space is occupied, the acoustic experience can become very important if it is not a good one. And after completion is often the worst time to address the acoustics. Solutions at this stage are more expensive and unplanned treatments can interfere with the original design intentions.

Designers, architects, contractors and even the layperson, can create acoustically effective spaces, with a bit of forethought.   

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Posted by janine gliener on Sep 11, 2015 5:14:02 PM

Beautiful solutions for Quieter Rooms

Make your rooms sound as good as they look

We can help you plan rooms with great acoustics.  Tell us: 

  • How will the room be used?
  • What are the dimensions?
  • What are surface materials? 

We'll help you with the challenges and the solutions!

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