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How To Know When You Need Acoustic Panels in Your Room


Although acoustics aren't at the top of the list of most design project plans or decor considerations, we all immediately - and unhappily - know when we're in a room that's too noisy.  It could be an office where unwanted sound is literally undermining concentration and memory, and distracting from the work to be done. Or a restaurant that's just too loud for conversation -  too many otherwise-great spots serve too much din with the dinner!  Could be a home theatre where the expensive AV equipment  isn't giving the promised quality of sound. In any of these situations and many more, acoustic panels may provide results -- and relief! 

So, how do you know if a room will benefit from acoustic panels (or other acoustic treatment)?  Easy - just run through this list of considerations! 

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Posted by janine gliener on Nov 3, 2015 3:08:44 PM

Hearing the End of The Noisy Season

The shift from summer to fall is marked by our senses in a number of ways.  Visually, the leaves change colour and the angle of the sunlight changes. We notice the temperature begin to drop and the winds picking up. Many of us will feel more alert and re-energized after the lazy days of summer, more engaged and inspired to action. And we may hear ... LESS!!!

Some of the sounds of summer are welcome but some of them are just noise. And noise can interefere with our comfort, our conversations, our sleep, our work and play and our peace of mind.  Overall summer is a very noisy season. There are at least three reasons for this.

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Posted by janine gliener on Sep 23, 2015 5:19:27 PM

Beautiful solutions for Quieter Rooms

Make your rooms sound as good as they look

We can help you plan rooms with great acoustics.  Tell us: 

  • How will the room be used?
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  • What are surface materials? 

We'll help you with the challenges and the solutions!

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